Regelbau 638 opened after 60 years

The most complete army battery of the Südwall at La Tamarissière (Agde) has the only built 638 hospital bunker on this side of the front. The bunker was closed since the 1950s but has been reopened this weekend by a local group of enthusiasts. Pipettes, syringe boxes, various tubes and even remains of unused glass x-ray […]

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613 with turret found in Südwall

Not an everyday find: A 613 artillery observer still with its observation turret. It happened in the Stützpunktgruppe Port de Bouc in the Südwall. It’s located in Wn 025 and it was used by the Art.Reg. II./338 . After some debate on Axis History it looks like this is a Czech turret re-used as observation turret. More info […]

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