Recovery of M19 parts on Guernsey

The guys of Festung Guernsey continue to work on different projects on the Channel Island of Guernsey. One of the exciting ones is the recovery of remains of the automatic mortar M19 at Stützpunkt Großfels. In the future, the M19 bunker there will be turned into a museum.  

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Regelbau, the photo series

Until the end of March and during July, August and September I’m presenting my photo series ‘Regelbau’ in Kunstfort Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands. It’s a study on the German standardized bunker from World War Two and its current state both as an historical object and a part of present nature. A fascination for modernist materials such […]

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Regelbau 656 discovered near Nieuwpoort

A long forgotten Regelbau 656 was discovered near the Albert I-monument in Nieuwpoort. The bunker is completely stripped but apart from that in a beautiful conditions. Its number (Ost-W 019-252) is clearly visible and the St sign on the outside and instructional texts on the inside are still sharp. It was probably part of Wn […]

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Performance against a bunker

The Norwegian artist Tori Wrånes is known for her daring performances on sometimes strange places. In 2010 she chose the beautiful Leitstand type 636 at Svolvær for a piano play. During the Lofoten International Art Festival she played the piano attached to the wall of the bunker. Loose Cannon was the project title. More images and […]

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Restauration 622 Cap Ferret under way

Last year I wrote about a recentely excavated 622 personnel bunker next to the light house of Cap Ferret. The restauration is under way and it looks very good and professional. More pictures can be found via GRAMASA’s Picasa.  

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L 410 around the Füherhauptquartier Wolfsschlucht 2

The Füherhauptquartier Wolfsschlucht 2 is known for its enormous variety of bunker designs. There are local designs for machine gun turrets and plates and one can discover Luftwaffe Regelbauten never built anywhere else. A not so rare Luftwaffe design is the L 410, a command bunker for small Flak batteries. However near Margival this type […]

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502 in Pisz gets his colors back

It’s been some time since I reported about the Masurische Grenzstellung and its bunkers. Stp Johannisburg around today’s Pisz lies nearby. Since several years the command bunker type 502 is being restored. In September last year it’s got his camouflage colors back in. Very nice work! More photos

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Regelbau 648 discovered near Audierne

In September the remains of a 648 for Czech Einschartenturm were discovered in the Panzerstützpunkt at Lézongar, near Audierne, France. The Czech-gone-German cupola type 817P5 was already partly cut up, but the original three Czech embrasures can still be seen. Only three intact 648 exist, all of them located in the Festung Saint-Nazaire, so this is […]

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New bunker for Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen

The Stichting Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen can add a new bunker to their list. The location at the Badhuisweg (Scheveningen/The Hague) becomes something of a museum park now. The bunker is a Regelbau 622 was part of  Wn 318, which housed the Waffen-SS Verteidigungsstab of the Stützpunktgruppe Scheveningen. The local government gave permission to dig up […]

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Ar 36, Phare Cap Ferret

6202 a photo by félixlechat on Flickr. GRAMASA, the local bunker association in the south west of France has uncovered a fantastic 622 with all the camouflage paint still on the walls. The same paint was used to draw this man smoking a pipe. Must be original?

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