How bunkers can be preserved

The city of The Hague shows how you can preserve a bunker: incorporate it into urban design. One of the three pre-war Dutch bunkers (which were part of the Atlantikwall during the war), was moved to the Army Engineers museum in Vught two years ago. Another was found but buried beneath the new boulevard. It’s […]

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Should France preserve the wall

A nice article on the BBC site asks the question: Should France preserve the remnants of the Atlantikwall. Interesting reading with some known French bunkerarcheologist names. It’s nice to read the positive comments on the article, but then again, it’s Great Britain where it seems there’s more care about heritage than in other parts of Europe. […]

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Before the graffiti

Preservation of bunkers has pros and cons. Sometimes there are moral dillemas. And for me that’s the Landfront of Vlissingen in Holland. About ten years ago, a first part of the magnificent Landfront Vlissingen was made accessible through a bicycle path. The Bunkerbehoud (bunker preservation) foundation removed loads of earth. For the first time in […]

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Redefining the Atlantikwall

On the 2nd and 3th of September a conference will take place in Amersfoort and Middelburg, the Netherlands. European experts will gather together on the 2nd and 3rd of September 2010 to exchange knowledge and ideas regarding this monumental defence line. Historians, policy makers, (landscape)architects, museum directors, planners, sociologists and bunker fans will enter in […]

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