Batterie Longues-sur-Mer and Pointe-du-Hoc on 1944 video

PhotosNormandie shows high resolution photos of the US Signal Corps and more from 1944 on Flickr. They also have a Youtube channel with raw film material from the same period. There’re a lot of well known images and film images but to see all the raw material is amazing, plus it’s very interesting study material. […]

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Sign petition for the recognition of all D-Day beaches

Six tourist offices in Normandy have created a new ‘Secteur Mythique’ in Normandie. This includes all the beaches and inland landing zones, except for the British parachute landing sites and Sword Beach. Of course it’s all about money in Normandy. A lot of bunker complexes are turned into ‘museums’. With no knowledge whatsoever about the […]

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Battered Normandy

Since it’s June I found It interesting to share the following initiative that focuses on the Normandy landings through Photography. On Flickr you can find ‘PhotosNormandie‘. A collaborative project for social indexing of historical imagery taken during the Normandy campaign from June 6 to the end of August 1944. Here photos from several archives are […]

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Tunnels at Fort du Roule open in june

The restauration project at Cherbourg’s Fort du Roule are coming to an end. The tunnels will be opened on June 6 (65 years since D-Day) but due to some extra work the official opening will be on the June 26, the day Cherbourg was liberated. Fort du Roule was a French fort overlooking the city […]

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