Stop the looting of Bt Karola

Looting bunkers of the Atlantikwall by so-called collectors has been the case since the eighties of the last century. However since less and less complete bunkers are present the rate of looting speeds up. This is especially the case with the heavy Marine Batterie Karola on Île de Ré. Alain Durrieu, writer of several books about the Atlantikwall, now […]


Barbara (3), originally uploaded by Artz!. Fire control post of German artillery battery ‘Adour-Nord’ at Bayonne. One of the most impressive German bunkers ever built. Also known as Bunker Barbara.

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In “Other locations” we added the country Austria. The capital Vienna was visited in 2009 just for making a survey on the three Flaktowers, each with its own firecontrol tower. Enjoy the massive concrete in the green parcs of this old city. or the update

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