German bunkers in Romania

On the coast of Constanza in Romania near the old casino some MG bunkers were built during the war. One of them is a Tobruk bunker, covered with a hood and attached to an underground tunnel system. More on bunkers in Romania. See  

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Some weeks ago we came into contact with a Marineflak veteran which was stationed at Trégastel, south of Brest in Bretagne, France. Wolfgang Weber came in from the Flakschule at Misdroy at the Baltic Coast at the age of 19. His story combined with our fieldwork can be found here. I must say, you do know […]

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Batterie Vara endangered

One of the most important bunker sites in Norway, Batterie Vara (Møvik fort, Kroodden), is in danger. There are plans to build a new neighborhood on a part of the battery’s terrain. Besides the historical value of the site it is also a beautiful recreational place. Looking at the plans, two 38cm gun emplacements will be […]

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Restoring Batterie Scharnhost (Guernsey)

The volunteers of Festung Guernsey are doing a great job restoring one of the 15cm K18 emplacements of Batterie Scharnhorst. Work has begun on a second emplacement and interconnecting trenches and shelters. See the Axis forum for more information. Festung Guernsey’s website

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The soldiers who manned Stp. Corbiere

Malcolm Amy, volunteer for the Channel Islands Occupation Society (CIOS) on Jersey, began publishing the accounts of three German soldiers who were assigned to Stp Corbiere on the island. It gives a highly interesting inside look into the daily life in and around the bunkers during the occupation. You can follow the story on The […]

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