Bunkersite.com update: Wn Grüne Düne, Guernsey

One of the most impressive sites in the Atlantikwall to me, is Wn Grüne Düne which protects Rocquaine Bay on Guernsey. Three casemates (2 x Festungpak, 1 x MG in turret) are attached to a huge anti-tank wall which was built over two old Vf casemates for Festungpak. In the back is a very clean […]

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Anti-tank bunker renovated

The first phase for the renovation of a 4.7cm Festungpak casemate in Gujan-Mestras (bording the Bassin d’Arcachon in the south west of France) has started. The Groupe de Recherches Archéologiques sur le Mur de l’Atlantique Secteur Arcachon (GRAMASA), a local group of bunker enthusiastics, will first clear the outside of the bunker and make it […]

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Biking along bunkers

Get on your bike and drive along the bunkers of Landfront Vlissingen! In the spring of 2010 it will be possible to visit even more bunkers along one of the interesting landscapes in Holland. The bunkerroute is a project of the province of Zeeland, the water board, a bank and ofcourse Stichting Bunkerbehoud. The first phase was […]

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A famous 4.7cm Festungspak 36 (t) gone..

Through the French Atlantikwall Forum I read the sad news that the very special 4.7cm Festungspak 36 (t) in a 612 at Kerbascuirl near Plouhinec (south of Bretagne) has disappeared. Although it was a miracle the gun was still there after so many years it’s still very disappointing. At the moment there’s no info on […]

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