Star Wars in the Atlantikwall

One of the casemates type 667 at Widerstandsnest 227 was converted to a Star Wars vehicle. A nice form of graffiti spraying. They made a nice video of the creating process.

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Westwall moving in colour

This private film shows the Westwall in colour, starting with a rare 40P8 Sechsschartenturm during the construction of a bunker, large earth excavations, a shot of another bunker for Sechsschartenturm and officers around a table.

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Sylvie Ungauer, Bunker Fashion

Bunkers are getting hot. Even in fashion. Best thing I’ve seen in years! Try to wear a Ringstand this summer, you’ll be a trendsetter! Sylvie Ungauer’s website. Prêt-à-porter (extrait) from sylvie ungauer on Vimeo.

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Demolishing in Wilhelmshaven

Two big airraid shelters in Wilhelmshaven will be demolished to make a place for a giant factory hall. Works will probably start as soon as April. The two Kriegsmarine Truppenmannschaftsbunker 750 built in 1943 stand along the Hannoverschen Straße. Similar bunkers can be found in all German harbours, but they’re getting rare. So drive to […]

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Save the tower of Saint-Marc, send this letter

The city of Saint-Nazaire is known for its ignorance towards World War 2 heritage, destroying many unique bunkers and truncate the U-Boot bunker. But all of this would be peanuts compared to the plans to destroy the Marineflak headquarters at Saint-Marc. The bunker, a huge and very rare Fl 250, consists of a big bunker […]

Golden concrete mixer 2010!

The Dutch prize for the best initiative in our field of interested was awarded today to Leo den Dulk. He was the one who brought up the idea to move a complete bunker from the Dutch coast to the Military engineers museum in Vught. It was a beautiful sunny day at the military engineers museum when Leo […]

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Bunkers turned houses

What to do with our beloved relics? Demolish them? Turning them into museums or let them be? German architects Rainer Mielke and Claus Freudenberg have specialised themselves turning bunkers into residential houses. According to their website, bunkers were built to receive people and protect them. Because of their massive construction, they last even without costly maintenance […]

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