Save the tower of Saint-Marc, send this letter

The city of Saint-Nazaire is known for its ignorance towards World War 2 heritage, destroying many unique bunkers and truncate the U-Boot bunker. But all of this would be peanuts compared to the plans to destroy the Marineflak headquarters at Saint-Marc. The bunker, a huge and very rare Fl 250, consists of a big bunker […]

Master of camouflage

This bunker for communications in Schagen, Holland, was unfortunately demolished after the war. Luckily there’s this picture of what appears to be a thirties style house. What an effort to camouflage this bunker!  

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Stop the looting of Bt Karola

Looting bunkers of the Atlantikwall by so-called collectors has been the case since the eighties of the last century. However since less and less complete bunkers are present the rate of looting speeds up. This is especially the case with the heavy Marine Batterie Karola on Île de Ré. Alain Durrieu, writer of several books about the Atlantikwall, now […]

Bunker in Thyborøn Denmark restored

A bunker for personnel in the Danish coastal town of Thyborøn has been restored to its original outside state. It’s an interesting one because it was camouflaged as warehouse, including fake big wooden doors and windows. There is an exibition inside about “Skildpaddespionen” (The Turtlespy) a Danish employee (engineer) at the town hall who made double […]

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Demolition news from northern France

Some unfortunate news from Nord-Pas de Calais. In Dunkerque, a bunker was demolished to make place for new housing. At the Batterie Waldam with its famous concrete gun turret, the loose barrel of the flare gun which was still there seems to have been cut to pieces and disappeared. According to this post on the french […]

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It’s raining.. cupolas

Yesterday was a good day for Panzerteil enthusiastics. First there was the news about the dug up 90P9. But the major news were the three M19 turrets and one turret for a howitzer found on Cazaux military airbase in southwest France! Yes I said four. One turret is a very rare 73P9 ‘für leichte Haubitze […]

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Special Westwall bunker dug up for investigation

At Dillingen in the Saarland, a very special bunker for Dreischartenturm was excavated last week. The information collected can be used for a possible future monumental status. The bunker is a very special Regelbau 132b. It’s a bunker for Dreischartenturm in Baustarke A (3,5 meter thick walls). This particular bunker was prepared to be incorporated […]

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New Regelbau 671 found in Brest

Just behind the U-Bootbunker of Brest a casemate was found. The site around the U-Boot base and the important oil tanks was defended heavily both by the navy and the regular army. It’s a real dense forest on the hills over there so that’s why this bunker was hidden for so long. Some background info […]

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Bunker discovered in Belgium

A Luftwaffe Flak bunker L 409 was discovered this monday in Stp Hundius, Oostende, Belgium. A few years ago, I [pierrot] was proud to announce on the forum that I found a surviving L409a in Belgium (Stp Blücher III, in De Haan); now I also have found its little brother: a L409. Yesterday we excavated […]

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More bunkers for sale in France

It’s property sale in France. Again two bunkers are on the market. The rare bunker for machinery M 123 (also known as a Luftwaffe type) at Le Croisic, including 1002 m2 of land, is for sale for just under €300.000. Another bunker is for sale on Île d’Oléron. Judging the photos it’s probably a Vf bunker […]

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