Sechsschartenturm 35P8 in Trondenes

A, for me, unknown Sechsschartenturm 35P8 possibly on a 632 (where only three Schartes were used) was reveiled on Trondenes peninsula is a real heaven, with of course the famous ‘Adolf’ gun, a 40.6cm naval gun. The now reveiled turret covers the entrance road to the battery. The setup of a Sechsschartenturm covering a […]

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Electronically driven ventilator

The guys of the 622 personnel bunker near the Moerdijk bridges have made a ventilator driven by motor working again. Here’s a little movie of them.

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Save the tower of Saint-Marc, send this letter

The city of Saint-Nazaire is known for its ignorance towards World War 2 heritage, destroying many unique bunkers and truncate the U-Boot bunker. But all of this would be peanuts compared to the plans to destroy the Marineflak headquarters at Saint-Marc. The bunker, a huge and very rare Fl 250, consists of a big bunker […]

Should France preserve the wall

A nice article on the BBC site asks the question: Should France preserve the remnants of the Atlantikwall. Interesting reading with some known French bunkerarcheologist names. It’s nice to read the positive comments on the article, but then again, it’s Great Britain where it seems there’s more care about heritage than in other parts of Europe. […]

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Added the village of Vregny in France. It is one of the villages which was incorporated into the Führerhauptquartier Wolfsschlucht 2. Lots of Tobruks, covered personnel bunkers and a huge bunker for the Reichsführer-SS. Vregny Updated STP XX II H in Stp Gr Voorne in Holland. Late in the war, a Wassermann radar was moved […]

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Green light for Festung Guernsey’s 633

The guys of Festung Guernsey keep restoring bunkers on the Channel Island of Guernsey. After the Batterie Dollmann, Batterie Scharnhorst and Wn Königsmühlen they now have “conditional approval from the Planning Department” to open up the 633 of Stützpunkt Rotenstein (at Fort Hommet). Plans are to start digging in the new year, clean it up […]

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Restoring Batterie Scharnhost (Guernsey)

The volunteers of Festung Guernsey are doing a great job restoring one of the 15cm K18 emplacements of Batterie Scharnhorst. Work has begun on a second emplacement and interconnecting trenches and shelters. See the Axis forum for more information. Festung Guernsey’s website

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German casino Den Helder burned down

Wednesday June 10, the former German casino in the Dutch naval port of Den Helder burned down. The building, which is located near the old Marine Werft, stood empty for many years. Plans were ready to restore the building but its future is unknown now, only the walls and pillars are still standing. The building […]

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Tunnels at Fort du Roule open in june

The restauration project at Cherbourg’s Fort du Roule are coming to an end. The tunnels will be opened on June 6 (65 years since D-Day) but due to some extra work the official opening will be on the June 26, the day Cherbourg was liberated. Fort du Roule was a French fort overlooking the city […]

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The soldiers who manned Stp. Corbiere

Malcolm Amy, volunteer for the Channel Islands Occupation Society (CIOS) on Jersey, began publishing the accounts of three German soldiers who were assigned to Stp Corbiere on the island. It gives a highly interesting inside look into the daily life in and around the bunkers during the occupation. You can follow the story on The […]

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