Bunkersite.com update: Pas de Calais, Zeeland, Woensdrecht

Some French additions to the site: Stp Arnika, Leo, Martha, Max, Moritz and Nora in the Nord Pas-de-Calais region. Also the Woensdrecht airport in Holland and some small bunker in Stavenisse. Bunkersite.com updates

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Before the graffiti

Preservation of bunkers has pros and cons. Sometimes there are moral dillemas. And for me that’s the Landfront of Vlissingen in Holland. About ten years ago, a first part of the magnificent Landfront Vlissingen was made accessible through a bicycle path. The Bunkerbehoud (bunker preservation) foundation removed loads of earth. For the first time in […]

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Stp Pommern will disappear

The local government of Wissant on the 23th of March decided to demolish the bunkers on the southern beach of the town. It was the French state who feels the bunkers are a danger to the coastal protection and to visitors of the beach. Total costs of the demolition: €450.000. The ruins pose too much […]

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