Special Westwall bunker dug up for investigation

At Dillingen in the Saarland, a very special bunker for Dreischartenturm was excavated last week.

The information collected can be used for a possible future monumental status. The bunker is a very special Regelbau 132b. It’s a bunker for Dreischartenturm in Baustarke A (3,5 meter thick walls). This particular bunker was prepared to be incorporated into an underground tunnel system interconnecting other bunkers to defend the bridge over the Saar river. The tunnels were never built but extra entrances and shafts in the bunker were found.

The bunker’s turret was blown out after the war and the inside of the bunker was heavily damaged by American troops, blowing up ammo. Still, some relics and original fittings were found, both German and American.

Unfortunately after the publication of this news on several forums, illegal diggers tried to get into the bunker. This is why we can’t show any recent photos. More info via Axis History Forum.

The bunker with its turret flooded in 1939. (Photo: Bundesarchiv)

The bunker with its turret flooded in 1939. (Photo: Bundesarchiv)

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  1. Written by Bunkerblitz
    on June 9, 2011 at 10:23 am

    It is a shame these idiots do not appreciate WIG’s work, even trying to exploit their success!

  2. Written by Arthur van Beveren
    on June 9, 2011 at 11:44 am

    Lot of self interest indeed. Unfortunately these kind of people can be found all over Europe and they don’t help in a positive debate about the preservation of bunkers.

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