Gun part stolen in Museumscenter Hanstholm

Help the Museumscenter Hanstholm find this stolen piece of a German 10.5 cm S.K.C/32. Earlier in August it was stolen.

Earlier this month a part of one the 10,5 cm S.K.C/32 in our outdoor display at Museumscenter Hanstholm was stolen.
It is somewhat large gearbox of iron with a brass disc on it – see photos.
On the brass disc there is following inscription: “10,5 cm Ubts. u. Tbts.Flak L/45 … in M.P.L. C/30 Nr. 1122”.
As it has been dismantled without the use of a disc grinder, I presume it has been stolen by a collector.
It ought to be easily recognisable due to the serial number, so if you should come across it IRL or on line, please notice me.
Best regards Jens

The stolen part. (Photo: Museumscenter Hanstholm)

The stolen part. (Photo: Museumscenter Hanstholm)

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