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It has begun.. Stp Pommern will be demolished

Today I got the unfortunate news that demolishing works have started on the bunkers of the beautiful and famous Stützpunkt 120 “Pommern” on the beach south of Wissant. 2,5 years ago the local government decided to demolish the bunkers. Now, all the bunkers on the beach including the iconic Regelbau 600 with stairs, 630 in […]

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Battleship Islands, a DVD about Alderney fortifications

Alberto Tabone contacted me about a project he has been working on and is now released to the public. A DVD series about fortifications, starting with the fortified island of Alderney. I asked Alberto a couple of questions about his project and his love for Alderney. You’re an Italian, how did you end up in […]

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Sechsschartenturm 35P8 in Trondenes

A, for me, unknown Sechsschartenturm 35P8 possibly on a 632 (where only three Schartes were used) was reveiled on Trondenes peninsula is a real heaven, with of course the famous ‘Adolf’ gun, a 40.6cm naval gun. The now reveiled turret covers the entrance road to the battery. The setup of a Sechsschartenturm covering a […]

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Dooms day hideout for the 21st of December

The Fördergruppe WH 316 has generously provided Dooms day believers (or bunker enthusiastics) a sleeping place from 20 until 22 December to survive this scary day. Who doesn’t want to live and sleep inside a Regelbau 108 and enjoy a dinner prepared on a WT80 bunker oven for a day? Hello doomsday theorists and Westwall […]

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Landfront Vlissingen and bunkers in IJmuiden now protected by law

Great news for several bunker complexes in the Netherlands. Both the Landfront of the Verteidigungsbereich Vlissingen (except for the anti-tank wall in the east) and the batteries of Olmen and Heerenduin in the dunes of IJmuiden are classified as national heritage. It took over 10 years to come to this conclusion, but the persistance paid off. […]

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German bunkers in Romania

On the coast of Constanza in Romania near the old casino some MG bunkers were built during the war. One of them is a Tobruk bunker, covered with a hood and attached to an underground tunnel system. More on bunkers in Romania. See  

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Regelbau 648 discovered near Audierne

In September the remains of a 648 for Czech Einschartenturm were discovered in the Panzerstützpunkt at Lézongar, near Audierne, France. The Czech-gone-German cupola type 817P5 was already partly cut up, but the original three Czech embrasures can still be seen. Only three intact 648 exist, all of them located in the Festung Saint-Nazaire, so this is […]

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Open Monumentendag the Netherlands

This weekend is heritage weekend in the Netherlands. A lot of usually closed bunkers are open to the public. Here’s a small list of possible visits. September 8 In the province of Zeeland one can visit several bunkers of Stichting Bunkerbehoud between 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. In Vlissingen you can take a view through the huge […]

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New bunker for Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen

The Stichting Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen can add a new bunker to their list. The location at the Badhuisweg (Scheveningen/The Hague) becomes something of a museum park now. The bunker is a Regelbau 622 was part of  Wn 318, which housed the Waffen-SS Verteidigungsstab of the Stützpunktgruppe Scheveningen. The local government gave permission to dig up […]

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Gun part stolen in Museumscenter Hanstholm

Help the Museumscenter Hanstholm find this stolen piece of a German 10.5 cm S.K.C/32. Earlier in August it was stolen. Earlier this month a part of one the 10,5 cm S.K.C/32 in our outdoor display at Museumscenter Hanstholm was stolen. It is somewhat large gearbox of iron with a brass disc on it – see photos. On […]

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