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Petition for the Hochbunker Försterstrasse in Aachen

From the internet: [quote]Hard to believe: The Nazis last stand in Aachen, the former “Hochbunker” (air raid shelter) between the Rütscherstr and Försterstr in Aachen is to be demolished, to be exchanged for more boring urban apartments with basement garage. It was here, on October 21st, 1944 that the last Wehrmacht commander in the first […]

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New book: Die Marinegeschütze des Westwalls am Oberrhein

Early November a new book about the Westwall was published. It’s not about the defence line as a whole, but about a particular part of it, the naval gun batteries in the Upper Rhine valley. I talked to one of the authors of the book, Sascha Kuhnert, to find out how the Kriegsmarine guns ended […]

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Dooms day hideout for the 21st of December

The Fördergruppe WH 316 has generously provided Dooms day believers (or bunker enthusiastics) a sleeping place from 20 until 22 December to survive this scary day. Who doesn’t want to live and sleep inside a Regelbau 108 and enjoy a dinner prepared on a WT80 bunker oven for a day? Hello doomsday theorists and Westwall […]

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Demolishing in Wilhelmshaven

Two big airraid shelters in Wilhelmshaven will be demolished to make a place for a giant factory hall. Works will probably start as soon as April. The two Kriegsmarine Truppenmannschaftsbunker 750 built in 1943 stand along the Hannoverschen Straße. Similar bunkers can be found in all German harbours, but they’re getting rare. So drive to […]

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Special Westwall bunker dug up for investigation

At Dillingen in the Saarland, a very special bunker for Dreischartenturm was excavated last week. The information collected can be used for a possible future monumental status. The bunker is a very special Regelbau 132b. It’s a bunker for Dreischartenturm in Baustarke A (3,5 meter thick walls). This particular bunker was prepared to be incorporated […]

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Flakbunker Hamburg becomes energy station

The huge Flakbunker of Wilhelmsburg in Hamburg will become a renewable energy power plant. The roof and side of the bunker will be covered with solar panels. Different systems inside the bunker will provide heating and power for the nearby neighborhood. More info (in German) via IBA Hamburg.

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Bunkers turned houses

What to do with our beloved relics? Demolish them? Turning them into museums or let them be? German architects Rainer Mielke and Claus Freudenberg have specialised themselves turning bunkers into residential houses. According to their website, bunkers were built to receive people and protect them. Because of their massive construction, they last even without costly maintenance […]

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Home stove

Markus Lauer from Germany warms his house with an original WT80 bunker stove! 🙂 Axis History Forum.

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New renovation project in Westwall

While one project goes down other ones are just starting. Markus Lauer is renovating a Regelbau B1-5 in Sulzbach (Saarland).   In September 2009 the owner of the bunker gave permission to start restorating it. After removing loads of trash and installing a new 14P7 armoured door at the entrance the first part of the project is done. […]

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Uncertain future for Bunker ‘Anton’

A Westwall Regelbau 1 for a machine gun in Merzig (Saarland) will probably be demolished or covered in the near future. From 2005-2007 it was a small Westwall museum. The bunker built in 1938 during the ‘Limes-Bauprogramm’ was completely renovated. Unfortunately a new road will cross the spot of the bunker and it had to […]

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