Bunkersite.com update: new house style

We’ve been working on our new house style for quite a while. It’s a painstaking job but we’re getting there.

What has been updated in the past months? In the Altantikwall part all of Norway, Belgium, Channel Islands and France are now converted. The same goes for Other Locations except for Poland. With the conversion came lots of additions and new photos.

What to expect next? After Denmark, Holland and Poland all the locations are done. What’s left is the Panzeratlas which will receive a huge update with lots of corrections and new pictures. It will be more complete than it is now, and the best source on armoured material on the net.

For now some of our favorites: Île de Ré, V 143, Cable special, Todt, M 159 Arros, De Punt, Kristiansand, B-Werk, Wn Perleberg, Rocquaine Bay, 617 Torteval, Wissant, Barbara, U-Bootbunker St Nazaire, 40.6 cm SK C/34 and so on and so on!

667 Isnain, Pontrieux, Bretagne. (Photo: Arthur van Beveren)

667 Isnain, Pontrieux, Bretagne. (Photo: Arthur van Beveren)

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