Birthday present

Not exactly on my birthday today, but I’ll consider it as a brithday present from the Festung Guernsey guys. 🙂

Last sunday they’ve excavated the Vf bunker for Sechsschartenturm of Stp Reichenberg, Fort Richmond on Guernsey. Buried for years it appeared to be in great shape with some very nice relics. It looks like the turret was scrapped but everything below the cut line was left.

The Sockelring, lower turret floor including ventilation pipes, ladders and communication equipment was still there. The bunker is just a small Vf shelter with rooms for ventilation and telephone equipment.

A lot of turrets were initially shipped to the Channel Islands and never placed, but after the D-Day invasion in Normandy, France, due to shortage of concrete and steel these turrets stayed on the islands and were placed on very small local Vf designs. In Wn Krossen near Vazon Bay on Guernsey, a turret was actually placed on top of a Unterstand WaKoFest crew bunker and at Stp Nebelhorn in the north east it was put on the rocks with a concrete slab.

More photos on Steve Powells website.

Special fortress telephone to the turret crew. (Photo: Steve Powell)

Special fortress telephone to the turret crew. (Photo: Steve Powell)

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