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How bunkers can be preserved

The city of The Hague shows how you can preserve a bunker: incorporate it into urban design. One of the three pre-war Dutch bunkers (which were part of the Atlantikwall during the war), was moved to the Army Engineers museum in Vught two years ago. Another was found but buried beneath the new boulevard. It’s […]

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New bunker for Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen

The Stichting Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen can add a new bunker to their list. The location at the Badhuisweg (Scheveningen/The Hague) becomes something of a museum park now. The bunker is a Regelbau 622 was part of  Wn 318, which housed the Waffen-SS Verteidigungsstab of the Stützpunktgruppe Scheveningen. The local government gave permission to dig up […]

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Part of a German casemate found in Scheveningen

During construction works on the sea wall in Scheveningen, a part of an anti-tank gun casemate type 625 has been found. It’s been partially demolished just after the war. It still shows some of its impressive camouflage painting. A part will be further demolished while the rest will be covered under the new dike. More […]

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Cyprien Gaillard’s Dunepark

A short film by Alfonso Nogueroles about the art project Dunepark by the French artist Cyprien Gaillard. In 2009 a type 600 bunker for 5cm KwK in Scheveningen was excavated as a ready made art work. It got huge attention from the media and people. After a month it was all covered as if nothing […]

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A small part of the Wall

Since the war thousands of people walked right over it and its embrasures were closed but this March it was unearthed. A small pre war Dutch machine gun casemate with a German addition can be seen again at the beach of Scheveningen. The seawall will be raised in the coming weeks to bring it to […]

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