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Allen Gewalten zum Trotz sich erhalten

Two years ago I’ve posted about the Fl 250 anti-aircraft headquarters in Saint-Marc near Saint-Nazaire. Back then more than 400 letters from all over Europe ended up at the office of the Service Territorial d’Architecture et du Patrimoine. However, there was no reaction to any of these letters, although they were surprised by the big […]

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L 410 around the Füherhauptquartier Wolfsschlucht 2

The Füherhauptquartier Wolfsschlucht 2 is known for its enormous variety of bunker designs. There are local designs for machine gun turrets and plates and one can discover Luftwaffe Regelbauten never built anywhere else. A not so rare Luftwaffe design is the L 410, a command bunker for small Flak batteries. However near Margival this type […]

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Gun part stolen in Museumscenter Hanstholm

Help the Museumscenter Hanstholm find this stolen piece of a German 10.5 cm S.K.C/32. Earlier in August it was stolen. Earlier this month a part of one the 10,5 cm S.K.C/32 in our outdoor display at Museumscenter Hanstholm was stolen. It is somewhat large gearbox of iron with a brass disc on it – see photos. On […]

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Bunkersite.com update: Bunkeroptik

Besides the tour guide and bunker per locations we have more information for you. Bunkeroptik is one of them. Bunkeroptik is not an official term but it’s obvious, optics used in bunkers. The German fortress design included fortress weapons like the MG-34 on a special mount (Schartenlafette 34) in both armoured turrets and behind armoured […]

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Save the tower of Saint-Marc, send this letter

The city of Saint-Nazaire is known for its ignorance towards World War 2 heritage, destroying many unique bunkers and truncate the U-Boot bunker. But all of this would be peanuts compared to the plans to destroy the Marineflak headquarters at Saint-Marc. The bunker, a huge and very rare Fl 250, consists of a big bunker […]

Bunkersite.com update: Austria, Vienna added

In “Other locations” we added the country Austria. The capital Vienna was visited in 2009 just for making a survey on the three Flaktowers, each with its own firecontrol tower. Enjoy the massive concrete in the green parcs of this old city. Bunkersite.com or the update

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